• Visit (2024)
    $ 330.000 /day /person + administration fee for the first night: $40.000/person.
    It includes accommodation in room with private bathroom, 3 meals and access to all trails, tree platforms, pool, WiFi, coffee/tea, etc. The stay lasts 24 hours. An extra lunch: $ 60.000
  • Accommodation on the platforms: + $ 40.000 /person. This also includes your room in the lodge in the event of a thunderstorm.
  • Horse for bringing your luggage up or down: $ 80.000 /horse /way (to be arranged in advance)
  • Guide: $ 220.000 /day

Note: We have a scientific research in the reserve from the 5th of August 2024 up to the 29th and all rooms are occupied.
Per person rates are based on double occupancy. We provide you free of charge a single room, when available. In case you definitely want a single room, add $ 60.000 /night.
Ask our special rates for big groups (> 8 visitors), for scientific investigations and/or longer stays (> 10 days).

Reservations should be made in advance by paying the full rate. Horses, drinks, washing clothes can be paid for locally. We only accept Colombian pesos!
For reservation or extra information, please send us an email. See contact details on the contact page.
We accept as well volunteers (minimum 1 month).

Thanks to your visit, we can protect even more forest. For each day that you stay with us, we ensure that 100 square meters of forest remain protected.