Location and contact


R.N. La Isla Escondida
Vereda El Libano
Orito, Putumayo
RNT: 66441

Contact info

Tel + WhatsApp: (+57) 305-390.88.76 (Jurgen – reservations)
Tel + WhatsApp: (+57) 321-945.95.78 (Esthefan – guiding)
Tel + WhatsApp: (+57) 310-619.19.15 (Martha – Bogota)

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How to get there

From Bogota or Cali

There are daily direct flights with Satena and with Clic from various cities to Puerto Asis (PUU) or Villagarzon (the latter is one hour driving further away). See the website of Planmapper to see the arriving planes. Flights cost around 80 Euro /one way. However it can be difficult to buy tickets online – especially Satena – with credit cards from abroad. We can buy these for you. Try to avoid Clic Air/Avianca. They cancel many flights without any form of compensation.
Alternatively you also can travel by bus. There are daily direct buses from Bogota to Orito/Puerto Asis/La Hormiga with Cootransmayo.
From the Orito bus terminal, there are 3x/ day (6:00, 12:00, 15:00 – 8.000 $) vans to vereda El Libano (½ hour) or you can take a taxi (40.000 $).
If you arrive late in Orito (after 4 pm), it is better to spend the first night here. Remember that there is no horse service after 12 pm.
On this link you can get additional information on Orito: info Orito (EN).pdf

Walk to the Lodge

The taxi/van has to drop you off 600 m before the end of the road (called “Puente Uno”), at the only house on the right hand side. Next to the house is a broad trail. Walk down this trail.
On horseback to the lodgeAfter 15′ you will cross the Guamúez River over a concrete bridge. 10′ further there is a fork. Always follow the indications and the blue ribbons.
After another 15′ you cross a hanging bridge over the El Lindero creek. The next 20′ are climbing with annoying loose stones. Then you get to a nice creek, where you can relax (half-way). As with all small creeks in the reserve, you can safely drink the water. The reminder of the trail is nearly all made of wooden logs. Be careful as these can be slippery on wet days.
In total it takes about 2 hours of walking to get to the lodge. Best is to walk in the early morning or in the late afternoon, when it is not as hot.
We have horses, which can take your luggage up and down. We also have saddles and everyone can also be brought to the lodge on horseback. This has to be arranged in advance. And this is only possible in the morning (up to 12 pm).

From Ecuador

You can also reach the reserve easily from Ecuador. From Quito (Ecuador) take a flight to Nova Loja (Lago Agrio). Then take a taxi to Puente Internacional. Cross the border and take a bus to Orito or direction Puerto Asis, but get off in Yarumo (1½ hour). This place is four kilometres from Orito. There is regular transport to Orito.